Are Clear Outdoor Blinds Right for Your Space?

Cafe Outdoor Blinds

Clear outdoor blinds are transparent or semi-transparent coverings that enclose outdoor spaces such as patios, decks, or verandas. They protect from the elements while allowing natural light to filter through. These blinds are often made from materials like PVC or acrylic and can be rolled up or down. They offer a versatile solution for creating a comfortable outdoor environment, shielding against wind, rain, and excessive sunlight.

PVC clear outdoor blinds are a distinctive solution for various commercial settings. They are particularly preferred in cafes and other business establishments that want to preserve their appealing views while ensuring weather protection.

Picture this: Your commercial space is unshielded and vulnerable to sudden rain showers. Your customers or guests are caught by surprise. However, installing clear outdoor blinds, the impact of rain reduces and your patrons can enjoy the outdoor ambience, staying comfortably dry even when the weather surprises them.

Why Clear Outdoor Blinds Could Be the Ideal Choice for Your Outdoor Spaces?

Clear outdoor blinds offer an excellent solution for shielding your deck or patio from weather conditions and enhancing comfort. They form a protective barrier against wind and rain while preserving your beautiful views without any obstruction.

Advantages of PVC Outdoor Blinds 

  • Zipscreen and Ziptrak blinds have a durable design radiating timeless elegance.
  • It safeguards your views while shielding your spaces.
  • It keeps your space protected against the elements.

Drawbacks of PVC Outdoor Blinds

  • PVC outdoor blinds decreases ventilation, contributing to a warmer atmosphere during summer.
  • It requires regular cleaning to uphold its aesthetic appeal.
  • PVC blinds lacks a motorised option.

What are the Vital Features of PVC Outdoor Blinds?

Transparent PVC fabric can be integrated into our existing product lines: Ziptrak and Zipscreen. While other PVC blinds (such as cafe blinds) exist in the market, Ziptrak and Zipscreen stand out due to their high-quality designs that allow smooth operation without needing pulleys or ropes.

How It Works:

  • The transparent PVC fabric is securely attached to a tube.
  • A bottom rail is added to provide stability.
  • Both Zipscreen™ and Ziptrak® are side-restrained awnings. They feature side channels that enclose the fabric, ensuring a snug fit and eliminating gaps present in other awning types.

Consider adding a cassette to your Zipscreen or Ziptrak blind for enhanced protection. The cassette shelters the fabric when the awning is retracted and conceals the top tube, resulting in a seamless and polished appearance.

Common Applications of Clear PVC Outdoor Blinds

Clear PVC outdoor blinds are an excellent choice for protecting your outdoor area without compromising the view. These blinds are trendy in restaurants and cafes, where maintaining a clear line of sight is essential.

Here’s why they’re favoured:

  • The PVC fabric protects against wind, rain, and insects, allowing you to fully utilise your outdoor spaces regardless of the weather.
  • If you’re using heating to keep your outdoor area warm during winter, clear PVC awnings help retain that warmth, minimising heat loss in your outdoor spaces.
  • The clear PVC awning ensures guests enjoy an unobstructed view of your scenic location. It is especially crucial for waterfront businesses.

However, it’s important to note that while these products mitigate weather effects, intense weather occurrences can accelerate wear and tear. In such cases, retracting all awning products during storms or high winds is advisable.

PVC Material Choices

Our awnings feature PVC fabric, available in clear and tinted variations. Clear PVC offers an unobstructed view, whereas tinted PVC reduces sunlight and glare, especially in sunny areas.

Both PVC types we offer are dimensionally stable, meaning they undergo minimal stretching and shrinking compared to unstable PVC. It ensures a snug fit and a neat appearance once your awning is in place.

PVC Outdoor Blinds

Points to Consider

While clear PVC awnings offer many benefits, they do come with certain limitations, as do all blinds and awnings. 

  • Due to their transparency, any smudges or dirt will be more noticeable on clear PVC. Therefore, regular cleaning is essential to maintain their appearance.
  • Ensuring that clear outdoor blinds are completely dry before rolling them up is crucial. Storing them while wet can cause the fabric to develop a cloudy look that’s difficult to remove.
  • Wrinkles or flaws may be more apparent in PVC fabric than in mesh fabrics. Both tinted and clear PVC blinds are designed to be flexible, so they won’t have the same flawless finish as a rigid panel.
  • While these blinds can reduce wind, which can be advantageous, it can also be a drawback. PVC Outdoor Blinds can significantly reduce airflow in your space. If you enjoy the refreshing sea breeze, you may need to roll up the blinds or consider a mesh fabric partially.
  • Lastly, PVC Outdoor Blinds are not compatible with motorisation. The stiffness of PVC fabric makes it challenging to unroll using only the weight of the bottom bar, ruling out motorised operation. However, manual operation remains straightforward and convenient.

Maintenance Recommendations for Clear Outdoor Blinds

To keep your transparent outdoor blinds in top condition, follow these steps:

Regular Cleaning:

  • Use a soft brush to remove larger dirt particles from the surface.
  • Once the blind is clear of abrasive materials, apply soapy water to remove any remaining dust and grime.
  • Rinse thoroughly using a hose to ensure all cleaning products are removed.
  • Allow the blinds to dry entirely before retracting them.

PVC Fabric Care:

  • Dirt tends to be more visible on PVC fabrics, so clean them as needed.
  • Consider using Vuplex, a specially formulated outdoor blind cleaner, for a clean and shiny finish.

If you’re seeking cafe blinds or clear outdoor blinds in Sydney, reach out to NextGen Living for expert assistance!

Final Words

Transparent or clear PVC outdoor blinds offer an excellent solution for safeguarding your outdoor area while preserving an uninterrupted view. They effectively mitigate the impact of rain and keep pesky insects at bay. Although they may need slightly more maintenance compared to other options, they ensure your guests’ comfort, allowing them to enjoy your outdoor space fully.

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