Patio Outdoor Blinds Sydney

Outdoor Patio Blinds - Upgrades Your Comfort & Privacy in Style!

NextGen Living offers an impressive range of outdoor patio blinds that allows you to control light and shade on your patio. We supply patio blinds in diverse styles, textures, fabrics and colours, which you can customise to suit your specific need, making it functional and valuable, which will also impress your guests.

With NextGen Living’s exciting range of outdoor patio blinds, you can transform your patio for added convenience and comfort by adjusting the natural light or getting complete protection from the elements. Outdoor patio blinds are user-friendly and easy to use, with a choice of controls. You can choose from operating options, such as rope and pulley, spring and crank operated, motorised and gearbox driven. You can customise your patio blinds with clever installation options to suit your situation.

If you want a free measure and quote for outdoor patio blinds in Sydney near you, contact NextGen Living at 0459 964 629, and one of our expert and friendly team will gladly assist you.

Visiontex® - Defining Elegance, Comfort & Durability

Visiontex® provides superior outdoor mesh solutions in Australia, including PVC-coated, high tensile polyester woven, and high-abrasion capabilities. They are manufactured without damaging toxins like lead, mercury and chromium. Visiontex® provides a 10-year warranty and is made to perform.

Outdoor Pergola Blinds – Makes Your Outdoor Space Enjoyable Year Round!

Do you want to protect your pergola area from harsh weather? Thanks to our contemporary and personalised range of high-quality outdoor blinds, NextGen Living can provide precise pergola blinds to enhance the quality of life of Sydney residents.

We can provide the perfect pergola blind solution to create a comfy and welcoming outdoor living space that can be enjoyed throughout the year. These pergola blinds are made from superior quality materials, designed to tolerate harsh weather conditions and provide protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, wind and rain.


Benefits & Features of Patio and Pergola Blinds We Supply

Here are the benefits and features of the outdoor patio and pergola blinds:

  • Perfect for a pergola, verandah or any entertaining outdoor area.
  • Shield your patio and pergola area from wind, sun, heat and rain.
  • Energy efficiency with light filtering, sunscreen, and block-out options.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • They elevate your privacy.
  • Cost-effective.
  • An array of textures and fabrics are available.
  • Manual or motorised remote control options.
  • 4 Year warranty.

Why Choose Us for Patio Blinds?

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Pergola & Patio Blind Options

Fabric and componentry are the options available for pergola and patio blinds.

Componentry Options

  • Rope and pulley systems.
  • Spring and crank operated.
  • Semi-enclosed head boxes.
  • Gearbox-driven system.
  • Automated or motorised system.
  • They come in as fully-enclosed head boxes in different colours.

Fabric Options

We have an array of fabrics and textures to suit your needs, available in mesh, solid canvas fabrics and clear PVC. If you need assistance selecting the best-suited outdoor patio or outdoor pergola blinds for your home or office, call NextGen Living at 0459 964 629 today! Our experienced team will advise you on all the available options.


Custom-Made Pergola & Patio Blinds in Sydney

NextGen Living provides highly-functional, durable and stylish custom outdoor blinds for your patio and pergola. Our expert team is dedicated to offering superior-quality outdoor blinds that meet your needs and preferences. You can choose from an array of designs and colours. Our range of outdoor blinds is the perfect addition to any patio and pergola.

If you want a free measure and quote for custom outdoor blinds in Sydney near you, contact NextGen Living at 0459 964 629, and our professional team will be delighted to assist you.


Frequently Asked Questions for Patio & Pergola Blinds

What Will Be The Cost of Patio Blinds?

First, our team will discuss with you to know your requirements. Next, we’ll measure your space and provide an estimated quote after considering material, texture, colour and features to meet your requirements and fit your budget.

What Blinds Will Best Suit My Patio Doors?

Patio doors have recently seen a surge in demand, so we provide day and night blinds, vertical shades, roller blinds and blackout blinds. These blinds protect from extreme seasonal changes and lend visually appealing charm to the overall exterior space.

Are Outdoor Blind Materials Waterproof?

Outdoor screens or mesh blinds are not generally 100% waterproof; however, it may also depend on the fabric material and quality. For instance, Ziptrak blinds aren’t 100% waterproof but are more water-resistant than other loose fabrics. If you need more details, contact one of our expert consultants.

Do Patio & Pergola Blinds Retain the Heat?

In winter, outdoor blinds can insulate and make your home warmer and retain the heat within the room. Patio blinds provide the best results in keeping the room warmer in winter.

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