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Buy Elegant Outdoor Roller Blinds in Sydney at Attractive Prices!

NextGen Living supplies and installs premium quality outdoor roller blinds at attractive prices in Sydney. Choose from an array of roll-up blind fabrics, including sunscreen, block out and translucent per your preference and cover the outer space of your home in the best possible way. Besides, you can harmonise the overall look of your home by choosing from a range of designs and shades.

These windproof outdoor roll up blinds are excellent as they can shut in the air between its fabric and glass, rendering an added layer of cover in colder months. Thus, it aids to retain heat in the home, keeping you and your family warm and cosy in winter. And in summer, these outdoor roll up blinds can assist in keeping your home cool by blocking glaring sunlight and harmful UV rays from entering inside. Thus, outdoor roller blinds will save you on your energy bills all through the year. Moreover, these high-quality outdoor blinds are water-resistant too!

If you want to install or have any queries about roll up outdoor retractable blinds, feel free to call us at NextGen Living on 0459 964 629, and one of our expert and friendly teams will be happy to serve you.

Roll Up & Crank Blinds - Simple yet Elegant!

Outdoor roller blinds are a fantastic alternative for your window covering needs. They come with simple lines that closely fits the window without annoying you with a lot of extra fabric around. They look simple yet elegant!

How It Works

  • Installing outdoor roller blinds means that they will reflect and imbibe solar energy outside your home before it reaches your windows.
  • These external shading device lowers the intake of heat, as they can imbibe, reflect and discharge up to 93% of the total solar shine, letting only 7% get into your abode.
  • The type of fabric and colour shade you select for your outdoor roller blinds and weather conditions – all of these play a crucial role in providing the desired shading comfort.

For Australia’s harsh weather conditions, these exterior roller blinds are the best shading system on the market that you can buy to keep yourself and your family comfortable during summer and cosy in winter.


Enjoy the Added Benefits!

  • Simple Operation: You can operate outdoor roller blinds by a spring-assisted chain drive or automated/ motorised variant that you can run with a touch of a button. They are one of the easy-to-use blind types available in the market.
  • Durable: These outdoor roller blinds are made using superior-quality fabrics, durable steel tubes and premium quality operating systems. For this reason, roll-up-and-crank blinds will serve you for many years to come without hassles.

Buy stylish and durable outdoor roller blinds in Sydney at the best prices only from NextGen Living! If you need professional assistance, feel free to call us at NextGen Living on 0459 964 629, and one of ourexperienced and amiable teams will be glad to serve you.


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