Plantation Shutters Sydney

Plantation Shutters In Sydney – Top Quality Craftsmanship & Style!

NextGen Living is the premier supplier and installer of high-quality plantation shutters in Sydney and nearby areas. Our company is dedicated to providing high-quality plantation shutters that are stylish and functional. Our team of experts has years of experience in the industry and is committed to helping you find the perfect plantation shutters for your home.

We understand that every home is unique, so we offer an extensive range of plantation shutters in different styles, materials, and colours to match your home decor. Our range includes timber, PVC, and aluminium shutters in different sizes, louvre widths, and finishes. We also offer customised plantation shutters to fit any window size and shape.

We work with builders, architects, interior designers and decorators to bring ideas to life. Our team can handle your technical drawing requirements to showcase your final design plans to your clients.

At NextGen Living, we value quality, so we ensure every plantation shutters we supply is manufactured to the highest quality standards using superior quality materials. Our plantation shutters range is also easy to maintain and clean, making them a practical and cost-effective investment for your home.

If you want a free measure and quote for plantation shutters in Sydney, contact NextGen Living at 0459 964 629, and one of our expert and friendly teams will be happy to guide you.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed In All Plantation Shutters We Install

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart from our competitors. We believe every customer deserves the best, so we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all plantation shutters we supply and install. All shutters we supply are backed by a comprehensive warranty, which protects your investment and gives you peace of mind.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and discover how plantation shutters can transform your home!

Outdoor Plantation Shutters in Sydney

Are you looking for an elegant and practical way to improve your outdoor living space? Install outdoor plantation shutters today! Outdoor plantation shutters provide shade and privacy, and they are weather-resistant, durable and add a touch of sophistication to your porch, patio or balcony. You can select from an extensive range of materials, styles, and colours to suit your budget and taste.

If you need help with plantation shutters, feel free to contact us at NextGen Living at 0459 964 629, and our experienced and friendly team will help you select the best indoor and outdoor plantation shutters for your home or office.


Indoor Plantation Shutters in Sydney

NextGen Living’s indoor shutter range can give your home or office interiors a stylish look. Plantation shutters we supply offer elegance, character and class to any room, making it look sleek, graceful and contemporary.

Indoor Window Shutters:

Select from NextGen Living’s exciting range of indoor window shutters made from superior timber, Western red cedar timber, premium Paulownia and premium Polymer.

Indoor Roller Shutters

Our range of indoor roller shutters comprises durable interlocking slats that roll up within the pelmet box. The slats are built of lightweight aluminium and filled with insulating foam to provide temperature and noise insulation.

To install plantation shutters at your home or office, contact NextGen Living at 0459 964 629. Our professional and friendly team will happily assist you with material and colour selection for the final custom installation.


How Can Plantation Shutters Benefit You?

Superb Light Control

Excellent Light filtration

Privacy Control

Protects From Prying Eyes

Low Maintenance

Easy to Clean

Durable & Lasting

Install & Forget

Energy Efficient

Save on Your Energy Bills


Keeps Your Indoors Cooler

Added Security

Extra Barrier to Your House

Timeless Design

Adds Value to Your Home

Residential Plantation Shutters in Sydney

NextGen Living’s range of window shutters offers protection against unnecessary invasion, gives an extra layer of security and enhances the aesthetics of your home and office. We have a wide range of residential shutters in various materials, styles and shade choices that you can customise to fit and style your window.

Residential Window Shutters:

All residential window shutters we supply and install are of high standards to suit the demanding Australian conditions. Window shutters are available in various materials, including heavy-duty aluminium, premium polymer and timber.

Residential Roller Shutters:

NextGen Living’s shutter range is enormous; each engineered roller shutter we supply and install is custom-made for you by company-trained technicians who exhaustively check the products under rigorous quality control standards.

Residential Security Shutters:

NextGen Living’s range of security shutters provides the best protection for your home, family and belongings. We supply and install all residential shutters and provide a custom fitment.

Do you want to make your home secure with residential security shutters? Call us now at NextGen Living on 0459 964 629, and one of our professional and friendly teams will assist you.


Commercial Plantation Shutters

NextGen Living’s commercial plantation shutters are best suited for restaurants, cafes, hotels, hospitals, offices and retail stores for their many benefits.

Why Should You Use Commercial Shutters NextGen Living Supplies?

NextGen Living supplies a range of highly energy-efficient commercial shutters that require minimal maintenance and last longer, so they are best for long-term use.

Commercial Roller Shutters:

Robust, durable and made to last, our commercial roller shutter range protects your property from encroachment or damage, giving peace of mind to business owners.

Commercial Security Roller Shutters:

NextGen Living’s range of commercial security roller shutters are made from marine-grade aluminium, are incredibly stable for their lightweight construction, and are 100% Australian-made.


Frequently Asked Questions for Plantation Shutters Sydney

What are the places in my home where plantation shutters will look good?

You can install plantation shutters on the doors, windows, balconies, room dividers and even bathrooms. Plantation shutters can inject a new life into the old and exhausted windows of your home or office, giving you the power to control light. Depending on where you would like to fit plantation shutters in your home or office, we can customise the plantation shutters to exactly fit the space.

What are the sizes in which plantation shutters are available?

Our plantation shutters are custom-made to fit any window or door size.

Can I customise plantation shutters to the colour I prefer?

Yes, it is possible to customise plantation shutters to your preferred colour. We can match any paint brand or sample you provide.

Do you provide plantation shutters installation services?

Yes, we install plantation shutters. Our knowledgeable and experienced plantation shutter installers will measure your windows, doors etc. and install the plantation shutters as soon as they are ready.

What is the cost of plantation shutters?

Depending on various factors, such as design, materials, size and installation, the cost of plantation shutters will change. The price of plantation shutters is per square foot. Extra features like speciality shapes, stain finishes and hidden tilt are available for an added charge.

Does plantation shutters have any warranty or guarantee?

All plantation shutters we supply and install has lifetime warranty protection and a ten-year warranty for the paint of plantation shutters due to Australia’s warm weather conditions.

How much time will it take from taking the order to final installation?

Typically, it will take anywhere from 5 to 6 weeks but will vary according to the time of the year. If you have an urgent requirement, feel free to speak to us, and we will see what we can do.

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