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Blockout Blinds In Sydney - Maximum Privacy & Light Control Solution

Are you tired of dealing with harsh sunlight and glare in your home or office space? NextGen Living has the ultimate solution! Our collection of blockout blinds in Sydney is designed to provide complete privacy and darkness, giving you the perfect environment to relax or work in.

Our range of custom blockout roller blinds is made from premium materials built to last, ensuring you get the best value for your money. With the ability to block out up to 99% of light, block-out blinds are perfect for creating a cinematic ambience in your room, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep in your bedroom or providing a serene environment in your nursery.

At NextGen Living, we understand that each home or office space is unique, so we specialise in custom blockout blinds tailored to your needs. Our expert team can customise your blockout roller blinds to match your precise specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for windows of any size or shape.

Contact NextGen Living today to schedule your free consultation and quote for high-quality blockout blinds in Sydney for your home or office. Let us transform your space into a comfortable, relaxing, and productive environment!

Visiontex® - Defining Elegance, Comfort & Durability

Visiontex® provides superior outdoor mesh solutions in Australia, including PVC-coated, high tensile polyester woven, and high-abrasion capabilities. They are manufactured without damaging toxins like lead, mercury and chromium. Visiontex® provides a 10-year warranty and is made to perform.

Custom Blockout Blinds to Suit Your Space

At NextGen, we offer a range of blockout blinds, including custom blockout roller blinds in Sydney, designed to provide maximum privacy and light control. Our blockout blinds are made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit for any window size or shape. Whether you have bay windows, floor-to-ceiling windows or uniquely shaped windows, we provide high-quality blockout roller blinds to fit seamlessly. Our range of superior blackout blinds provides complete darkness, making them ideal for bedrooms, media rooms, and nurseries. 

We provide professional installation service and a craftsmanship guarantee for blackout blinds so that you can be confident in the quality of our products and installation. Contact us for a free quote and measure today for blockout roller blinds in Sydney. Our expert team will gladly discuss our range of blockout blind solutions and help you find the perfect fit for your space.


Benefits of Blockout Blinds

Light Control: Installing blackout fabric in your home can quickly eliminate disruptions, such as street lamps, car lights and general light pollution, and provide a solution for a peaceful and restful night’s sleep.

Extra Privacy: Blockout fabrics provide better privacy in your home by creating a safe and comfortable living space where you can unwind. Blockout fabrics help you to achieve privacy in your home by concealing the view from the outside and smartly blocking the view from the inside.

Versatile: As blockout roller blinds are available in a vast range of materials, textures and colours, they complement almost all interiors.

Easy to clean: A gentle wipe with a soft, damp cloth is enough to keep most blinds clean, or you may perform light dusting occasionally.

Noise Proofing: Blockout fabrics provide privacy and light control and reduce noise regardless of the time of the day. It makes them ideal for urban areas or near busy roads, allowing for a peaceful living environment. You can enjoy better sleep and concentration without outside noise. It creates a quiet space for work or relaxation.

Enjoy Home Cinema: With blackout blinds, you can watch your favourite movie at home without glare or distractions and get a complete cinematic experience.


Why Choose Us for Blockout Blinds?

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Quality Guaranteed

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Expert Installation

Blockout Roller Blinds Sydney

Blockout roller blinds are the perfect choice for blocking out sunlight and creating total privacy emitting neat and contemporary visual appeal. Blockout roller blinds come with insulating properties, so they can help keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. 

NextGen Living serves all areas in Sydney. If you need a free measure and quote, feel free to contact us today!


Automated & Motorised Solutions

Our range of blackout blinds can be automated or motorised for a higher level of convenience. You can open and close motorised blockout blinds using a remote control without leaving your seat. On the other hand, automated block-out blinds are connected to a timer, so they’ll open and close at the times you define.

If you want to enquire, contact NextGen Living at 0459 964 629 or fill out our contact us form, and we’ll gladly assist you.


Get A Quote On Your Blockout Blinds & Transform Your Space

NextGen Living supplies and installs superior outdoor blinds and other products and services to help you create a comfy and graceful outdoor space. Our friendly professionals will help you find the perfect indoor blockout blinds to enhance your home’s ambience. Whether you need practical cooling, heating, and lifestyle solutions or a visually beautiful addition that complements your home interiors, we’ve got you covered. 

Choose NextGen Living to transform your space into a stylish and comfortable haven. Contact us at 0459 964 629; one of our expert and friendly teams will be happy to guide you.


Frequently Asked Questions for Blockout Blinds

Where can I use blockout blinds?

Blockout blinds can be used in any room of the house. They are beneficial for individuals who are sensitive to light changes while sleeping. Nurseries, home cinemas, and children’s bedrooms are common areas where blockout blinds are installed. The dark environment created by blockout blinds can help improve the quality of your child’s sleep.

What is the cost of blockout blinds?

The cost of blockout blinds depends on the exact size of your windows and the unique installation requirements. We provide custom-made blockout blinds that fit your window specifications precisely. Please get in touch with us today to get more information on pricing.

Who should consider blockout roller blinds?

Blockout roller blinds can benefit everyone due to their affordability, durability, and aesthetic appeal. However, those who require a darkened environment for sleeping or working, such as overnight workers, nurses, parents, and light sleepers, may find the room-darkening abilities of blockout roller blinds to be beneficial.

What is the difference between blockout and blackout blinds?

Blockout and blackout blinds are the same. These blinds are designed with blockout fabrics that prevent sunlight from entering the room, providing complete shade throughout the year.

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