Are Venetian Blinds Good Window Covering Alternative?

Venetian blinds in Sydney

Venetian window blinds consist of flat, adjustable slats crafted from wood, plastic, or aluminium. These slats neatly stack on top of one another. Cords or fabric tapes secure the blinds, allowing you to twist the slats together. This twisting action can adjust the angle of the slats by up to 180 degrees, giving you control over both privacy and incoming light. These blinds work well in various settings, including bedrooms, kitchens, offices, etc. They are especially suitable for slim windows.

How Does Venetian Blinds Operate?

Before you start shopping for these blinds, knowing how they operate is a good idea. Venetian blinds use three simple parts: the locking cord, the movable slats, and the tilting piece. When you understand these, you’ll be ready to use Venetian blinds.

Venetian blinds have slats that you can move by hand. These slats open and close, giving you control over how much light and privacy you want. Depending on the blinds, the slats can open in or out. When the slats are shut, they make your room darker.

Each slat has holes about five inches from the end. The cords go through these holes and help you turn the slats either way. It is how the tilting piece works. It lets you control light, privacy, and temperature. Tilting the slats up makes a room warmer, and tilting them down makes it more relaxed. That’s how the Venetian blind tilting piece works!

The locking cord is hidden at the top. Without it, you can’t open or close the Venetian blinds. Pull the cord away from the centre of the window to lift the slats. To lower the slats, pull the cords towards the centre of the window. Once you set the blinds where you want, the cord lock holds the slats in place. It’s like a brake that stops the blinds from moving.

Safety for Corded Venetian Blinds

When you have Venetian blinds with cords, you should be careful to protect your kids and pets. Corded blinds exhibit strangulation risks, especially if children or pets are unsupervised.

Follow these steps to make things safer regardless of the corded blinds you have:

  • Keep cords away from kids’ and pets’ reach. Never allow cords to hang down the side of the blinds. 
  • Winding them around and hooking them up high, away from the window, is better. Also, you can cut the loop to have two separate ends, which will help lower strangulation risks and keep your little ones and pets safe.

Motorised Blinds

If you want a safer option, consider getting motorised blinds. They have fewer cords and are easy to use, and you’ll need to push only a button to open or close them. Motorised blinds are more convenient than manual blinds.

For corded blinds, you can also use a child safety feature. With Venetian blinds, these are small clips that join the cord ends. If someone gets caught in the cords, the clips fall under pressure, preventing injuries.

How to Select the Right Venetian Blind Material for Your Space

Although Venetian blinds are available in various materials, you should decide depending on where you plan to install them, the material cost, and considering other factors. 

  • Wooden Venetian blinds are a perfect fit if you’re after a natural and elegant design. You can choose from different natural woods to match your style.
  • Faux Wood Venetian blinds are more durable than original wood. You can use them without warping, cracking, or peeling in moisture-prone areas.
  • Aluminium Venetian blinds are solid and easy to use. Aluminium Venetian blinds are perfect for high moisture areas, like the bathroom and kitchen and are a cost-effective option to bestow style to your home.

When shopping for Venetian blinds, never compromise quality of the material and buy your blinds from reliable manufacturers – if you can’t find one, ask your friends or family for recommendations. 

Look online for reviews to find a reliable manufacturer. NextGen Living has years of industry experience and is a reliable choice.

Next, compare prices from various companies and manufacturers. Still, price alone should not be a deciding factor—your aim should be to buy superior-quality Venetian blinds at the best price.

Venetian Blinds: Highly Sought After Alternative

Many choices are available for covering windows, but people prefer Venetian blinds. Why? Venetian blinds come with many advantages, and some vital ones are mentioned below: 

Controlling Light and Privacy

Venetian blinds let you manage the sunlight entering your home while safeguarding your privacy. On sunny days, shut them to limit extra brightness. Sunlight is lovely, but it can be harsh and too much UV light can harm your furniture and skin. With these blinds, you don’t have to shut the windows when it’s too sunny. Close the blinds and enjoy watching your favourite movie in a cosy, dim space with no glare. If your windows face the street, these coverings keep unwanted eyes away.

Adaptability of Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds offer many choices; you can pick from different materials like wood or aluminium. Venetian blinds come in various styles, designs, and colours, allowing you to choose the material that suits your decor well and serves the intended purpose. Venetian window blinds are customisable; you can change them to fit your space and lifestyle.

Venetian Blinds: Stylish and Sophisticated

Venetian blinds are always in fashion. You can choose Venetian blinds’ material, colour, style, and design to make your home classy and cosy. Although Venetian blinds have been around for a long time, they perfectly blend with the modern lifestyle. Wooden blinds bring a natural kind of beauty to your home.

Cost-Effective Alternative

Venetian blinds are a cost-effective alternative for window coverings. Even though they’re affordable, they work like or even better than some expensive choices available in the market. You can save money and reap all the advantages of Venetian blinds.

Hassle-Free to Maintain

Keeping Venetian blinds in good shape takes little effort. Venetian window coverings are tough and can stick around for a long time. However, you must perform some simple maintenance to keep them functional. For instance, you’ll need to regularly clean Venetian blinds. And make sure to check the blinds often to detect and repair any problems early.

Cleaning and Caring for Venetian Blinds

Cleaning Venetian blinds is an easy task. Vacuum the wooden or aluminium slats to get rid of dust. Do this every few weeks to keep them looking new. You can also use a feather duster or a soft cloth to wipe away the dust and dirt from the top down. There must be more than dusting or vacuuming to clean your Venetian blinds thoroughly. So, you should deep-clean them after a few months. And for deep cleaning, you’ll need to take the blinds down.

Final Words

Venetian blinds are a trendy choice for covering windows in various places. They sprang up in Persia and then entered Europe and the rest of the world. Venetian blinds work using three main parts: the locking cord mechanism, the slats, and the tilting part.

When buying Venetian blinds, consider the material, how they work, and safety. Venetian window coverings let you control light and privacy and work well in homes and offices. Now that you know Venetian blinds, it’s an opportune time to cover your windows with them and enjoy their benefits.

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