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Roller Blinds Can Make Your Sydney Home Visually Appealing

NextGen Living is a prominent supplier of contemporary custom-made roller blinds that are easy to operate and trendy. Roller blinds are a popular window treatment alternative that can infuse style, privacy and light control to a home or office in Sydney. These superior-quality roller blinds are available in diverse fabrics and shades to match any interior.

NextGen Living offers all roller blind operations, from manual and motorised roller blinds and pelmet head box options to single or dual systems. So, you can select the roller blind operation that’s convenient for you.

Explore the different types of roller blinds NextGen Living provides and know their benefits and how they can elevate your space’s functionality and overall ambience.

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Types of Roller Blinds In Sydney

Here are the popular types of Roller Blinds we supply and install:

Sunscreen Blinds 

Buy roller blinds with sun-protective fabric to control light and heat entering your space. They provide daytime privacy while offering a clear view of the outside. Sunscreen roller blinds in Sydney block 95% of harmful UV rays, shielding your flooring and furniture from fading.

Translucent Blinds 

Translucent roller blinds in Sydney are designed to distribute and filter the sunlight. They are made of translucent fabrics so they can prevent a clear view of the outside. They provide day and night privacy. 



Blockout Blinds

Blockout blinds are made of thick and dark fabrics to provide the utmost privacy, and they are the most famous roller blinds. They provide thermal insulation and keep prying eyes out day and night, ideal for bedrooms.

Double Roller Blinds

Double roller blinds blend a translucent blind on the inside and a blockout blind on the outside with a sheer. When you need complete privacy, pull down blockout blinds and roll them up when you do not require privacy. The sheer fabric gives you privacy at night and diffused sunlight in the daytime. 

Choose from a wide selection of blockout and double roller blinds at NextGen Living! Our range offers an array of fabrics, colours, and styles, letting you personalise and custom-order blinds in Sydney. Buy the finest materials and textures, ensuring you get the perfect blinds to match your space.


Why Choose Us for Roller Blinds?

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Expert Installation

The Benefits of Using Roller Blinds

Buy high-quality roller blinds in Sydney that provide the best thermal insulation to keep your interior temperature comfortable. Here are the vital benefits of using roller blinds.

Modest Design

Roller blinds have a modest design that elevates the appearance of any window treatment, lending a clean and neat look to modern homes.

Sunlight Control

Roller blinds with high-performance fabrics function as solar screens, controlling UV rays, heat, and glare. They are perfect for managing the light that enters a room and help manage summer energy costs.


Motorised Options

Motorised options are available for roller blinds, allowing you to operate from a remote control or via smartphone apps. It helps in conveniently reaching hard-to-reach windows or individuals with mobility challenges.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Roller blinds in Sydney accumulate less dust and pet hair than traditional blinds, which lessens the need for frequent repairs, and roller blinds are easier to clean.

Various Styles

Roller blinds come in various fabrics, patterns, and colours, making them perfect for any room and completing modern or contemporary home decor.


Custom Made To Measure Roller Blind Specialists

NextGen Living offers classic window treatments in various materials to achieve the look you want without any hassle. Give your windows a new look with made-to-measure roller blinds

At Nextgen Living, we believe in giving your heart’s desire, allowing you to customise your window treatments. You can customise the height and width of the blinds. Choose between a recess fit (within the recess) or a face fit (outside the window frame). Choose the chain control mechanism on the left or right side of the roller blinds.

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Are you seeking a free measure and quote for Roller Blinds in Sydney and nearby areas? Contact NextGen Living today at 0459 964 629, and our experienced and friendly team will gladly assist you.

Apart from providing high-quality outdoor and indoor blinds, we take pride in offering products and services to revive your outdoor space into a comfortable entertainment area for your guests.

At NextGen Living, we have a comprehensive range of solutions for designing decking and pergolas or installing folding arm awnings to help you create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your property.


Frequently Asked Questions for Roller Blinds

Are your roller blinds manufactured in Australia?

All our roller blinds are manufactured locally right here in Sydney, Australia.

How can I determine the appropriate size for my roller blinds?

Measure the width and height of your desired window or area you want to shade to find the correct dimensions for your roller blinds. Utilise a measuring tape for precise measurements, or seek our expert guidance.

What is the price range for roller blinds?

The pricing for roller blinds may fluctuate based on dimensions, material, brand, and additional features. Feel free to get in touch with us for an accurate estimate.

What is the warranty coverage for roller blinds?

A five-year warranty covers all our roller blinds.

Do you offer motorisation options for roller blinds?

We provide motorised alternatives for roller blinds. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Can I personalise the dimensions of my roller blinds?

All our roller blinds are custom-made to match your specific window measurements. You can even opt for roller blinds that are entirely custom-built to match your precise requirements.

Is cleaning and maintaining roller blinds effortless?

Our roller blinds are designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. Just use a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner attachment to eliminate dust or debris.

How are double roller blinds operated?

Double or dual roller blinds, or day-night blinds, are two separate roller blinds installed within the same window frame. Rather than being positioned side by side, they are installed one in front of the other. Each blind comes with its control, enabling independent operation. Roller blind offers two main fabric options:

  • A blackout or light-blocking fabric is designed to minimise incoming light.
  • A translucent screen, also known as sunscreen, privacy screen, and light-filtering screen, allows natural light while providing you with outside visibility.

Single roller blinds only offer a single fabric type, while double rollers provide the flexibility to enjoy both fabric options.

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