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Buy Automated or Motorised Outdoor Blinds in Sydney at Attractive Prices!

Automated or motorised outdoor blinds are a convenient option for hard-to-reach places and bigger blinds. All you need to do is press a button, and motorised blinds let you control the quantity of light in a room. Quiet motor installed within these blinds provides the utmost convenience to control these blinds electronically.

NextGen Living has perfected the designs and installation of motorised blinds, and our team provides specialised services for Ziptrak blinds, eZIP blinds, and straight gearbox-drop. NextGen Living has been servicing Sydney and nearby areas for many years, which makes us reliable.

Need electric outdoor blinds solution in Sydney? Contact NextGen Living at 0459 964 629 today to discuss your requirements.

Visiontex® - Defining Elegance, Comfort & Durability

Visiontex® provides superior outdoor mesh solutions in Australia, including PVC-coated, high tensile polyester woven, and high-abrasion capabilities. They are manufactured without damaging toxins like lead, mercury and chromium. Visiontex® provides a 10-year warranty and is made to perform.

Custom Motorised Outdoor Blinds in Sydney

NextGen Living offers a custom solution for outdoor blinds that seamlessly fit the space. We provide a stable installation for automated blinds in Sydney that will work smoothly for years to come. We offer the perfect installation allowing the motor to get adjusted without putting any strain on the components, facilitating seamless operation through constant use without any breakdowns. At NextGen Living, we offer reliable installation for all types of outdoor blinds with superior service, resulting in repeated customer satisfaction.


Switch & Remote Control Operated Outdoor Blinds

At NextGen Living, we have superior designs for motorised outdoor blinds, supported by our installation service.

  • Switch Operation: These motorised outdoor blinds, cabled into a fittingly located switch that lets you raise and lower the blinds and control light with a blink of an eye.
  • Remote Control Operation: We can also install automated outdoor blinds that operate with remote control. It will allow you to run the motorised outdoor blinds from anywhere in the room using a remote control.

What Types of Outdoor Blinds Can Be Motorised/ Automated?

Venetian blinds, Roman shades, roller blinds and pleated shades are the solutions that can be motorised. If you love heavy draperies, you’re lucky as they can also be motorised to complement your preferred design style.

A motorised / automated system integrates into most of our standard outdoor blinds. The motors seamlessly fit within the blind structure, and the remote feature smoothly integrates into this motor system giving you remote access to control the blinds.

If you’re looking for custom automated or motorised outdoor blinds for your home, restaurant, coffee shop or commercial space in Sydney near you, call us at NextGen Living on 0459 964 629, and our expert team will be glad to serve you.


Vital Advantages of Motorisation

Ease of Operation: The blinds can be adjusted per your preferences with the touch of a button. Remote operation can benefit the elderly and individuals with specific mobility issues.

Style: Motorised blinds Sydney can be tailored to what you want, providing the look and feel that match your design scheme.

Comfort: Some areas requiring window treatments can be unreachable. Automated blinds can transform an inconvenient option into a convenient one arranged as you see fit.

Child-Safe Option: Motorised blinds do not need manually-operated cords or chains that can be risky to young children. Thus, motorised blinds offer a child-safe option for your window coverings.

Boost Value: Properly installed motorised blinds can boost the value of a home or business facility. Likely real estate buyers prefer professionally installed motorised blinds in Sydney, which has become a norm.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select a suitable motor?

Many aspects need consideration when selecting the best home window blind automation. At NextGen Living, we have a trained and expert team of consultants to guide you through all the available options based on your chosen blind style, motor, power, access, remote control and budget.

Will a single remote control be enough to operate all the blinds?

Yes, per the number of windows in your home, you can operate all of the motorised blinds around your home with a single remote control or home automation hub.

Can I operate during a power outage?

If you’re residing in a region where regular power outages occur, then NextGen Living recommends solar, battery-powered, or wireless blind motors that are not hard-wired. So you can operate your blinds even if you encounter a power outage.

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