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Enhance your lifestyle by transforming your home’s outdoor living areas with modern and elegant custom made outdoor blinds in Sydney at attractive prices! At NextGen Living, we provide a personalised consultation to ensure you get the best custom outdoor blinds Sydney to upgrade your outdoor living spaces in style. We will work with you to create functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor living areas that will match the design and decor of your home. We give prominence to your comfort while maximising the usability of your outdoor living areas all through the year.

When you collaborate with NextGen Living, you are not only getting the best quality in custom blinds in Sydney but also an expert team to work with you who will make sure that you’re getting a custom outdoor blinds solution that you’ll love!

Get in touch with us at NextGen Living on 0459 964 629 for a free quote estimate for an exterior blinds solution you may need to enhance your outdoor living spaces!

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Dual System Blinds

Dual shade blinds provide the ultimate privacy and light control ability for the home’s outdoor spaces. The double shade blind system is made up of two different blinds viz. – one is made from a Clear PVC material, and the other is made from Shade Weave fabric. Thus, these dual system shade blinds can provide you with the capability to completely block out light or filter out light for your outdoor spaces in style. This dual shade blind is an outdoor blind solution that you can use all around the year. NextGen Living supplies and installs high-quality dual shade blinds for homes and commercial spaces at affordable prices in Sydney. If you would like to enquire about dual shade blinds, feel free to speak to our expert and friendly team by calling 0459 964 629 for prompt guidance!
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Motorised Blinds Sydney

Automated or motorised outdoor blinds are a convenient option for hard-to-reach places and bigger blinds. All you need to do is press a button, and motorised blinds let you control the quantity of light in a room. Quiet motor installed within these blinds provides the utmost convenience to control these blinds electronically. NextGen Living has perfected the designs and installation of motorised blinds, and our team provides specialised services for Ziptrak blinds, eZIP blinds, and straight gearbox-drop. NextGen Living has been servicing Sydney and nearby areas for many years, which makes us reliable. Need electric outdoor blinds solution in Sydney? Contact NextGen Living at 0459 964 629 today to discuss your requirements.
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Spring Blinds Sydney

NextGen Living supplies and install superior spring roller blinds in Sydney at the best prices. Spring roller blinds offer a fantastic shade and privacy for outdoor living spaces. They come with a simple design and mechanism, durable, easy-to-use and safe for families with kids or pets. They are highly customisable and affordable. NextGen Living can customise spring roller blinds to exactly fit the size to render a perfect finish that boosts the outdoor aesthetics of your home. Our skilled and experienced team can offer you the perfect spring roller blind to meet your needs and budget. Need custom-made spring roller blinds in Sydney? Contact NextGen Living on 0459 964 629 for a free measure and quote today.
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Track Blinds Sydney

NextGen Living supplies and installs the choicest outdoor track blinds of leading brands, such as Urban Track, Ziptrak®, eZip and Zipscreen. You can choose the track blinds of your choice to create the perfect outdoor area you dreamt of. NextGen Living will work with you to unearth a solution that best suits your requirements and budget. We can provide a seamless service whether you require installing standard-sized outdoor blinds or custom solutions to suit your unique design needs. We supply track blinds range of the leading brands in Sydney, which include: Urban Track External Track-Guided Blind System Ziptrak® Track-Guided Blind System eZip Outdoor Track Blinds Zipscreen Outdoor Blinds
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Drop Blinds Sydney

NextGen Living offers premium quality straight drop blinds and awnings at competitive prices in Sydney. We have an extensive range of straight drop blinds and awnings, and you can choose from various colours, styles and fabrics that provide 100% ultraviolet block out. All blinds are made in Australia to suit Australian conditions and support our local industry. With the straight drop blinds and awnings we supply, you can enhance the overall look of your home or business property. Straight drop blinds provide the perfect solution for covering your patios, verandahs and pergolas in style. The straight drop blinds are available in canvas and woven mesh, as well as clear and tinted PVC. Choose between spring-loaded or crank-operated systems for ease of use. Straight drop blinds protect your entertaining space from the outside elements and create an extra room in the home. Get a no-obligation free measure and…
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Roll Up Outdoor Blinds

NextGen Living supplies and installs premium quality outdoor roller blinds at attractive prices in Sydney. Choose from an array of roll-up blind fabrics, including sunscreen, block out and translucent per your preference and cover the outer space of your home in the best possible way. Besides, you can harmonise the overall look of your home by choosing from a range of designs and shades. These windproof outdoor roll up blinds are excellent as they can shut in the air between its fabric and glass, rendering an added layer of cover in colder months. Thus, it aids to retain heat in the home, keeping you and your family warm and cosy in winter. And in summer, these outdoor roll up blinds can assist in keeping your home cool by blocking glaring sunlight and harmful UV rays from entering inside. Thus, outdoor roller blinds will save you on your…

Outdoor Blinds Options & Styles

Are you looking to improve your outdoor living area? Whether you want to create space to relax, entertain or extend your living area - Outdoor Blinds & Awnings lend an easy solution.

Types & Configurations

Outdoor blinds and awnings are available in diverse configurations to suit your space. Whether you choose from bottom straps, cable-guided or zip-sided options - we have a system that seamlessly works in your outdoor area.

Straight drop

Straight Drop

Sleek and simple with a modern aesthetic.

Wire or cable guide

Wire or Cable Guide

Industrial look allowing privacy & ventilation.

Channel Guide

Channel Guide

Complete privacy & eliminates any light gaps. Multiple lock off location at various heights.

Pivot arm

Pivot Arm

Perfect for outward opening windows to circulate air flow & reduce direct sunlight into the home.

Profiles / Headbox

Fully closed

Fully Closed

For spring-assisted or motorised blinds.

Semi closed

Semi Closed

For gearbox-operated blinds

Open bracket

Open Bracket

Industrial look allowing privacy & ventilation

Operating Options

Gearboxes icon


Gear-operated is a method of operating large blinds without visible ropes and pulleys, and it is raised and lowered with a crank handle.

Crank Handles icon

Crank Handles

Easily manoeuvred using the crank handle and secured in the down position with stainless steel dog clips.

Spring icon


You can easily pull down and raise your blinds without using a chain drive.

Motorised icon


Operate with remote control, and you can control the light in your room with the touch of a button.

Colour Options

The Colorbond colour range provides limitless possibilities. Complement or match your existing structure with customised options for the bottom bar, vertical tracks, head box, pelmet or fabric.

White icon


Classic cream color

Classic Cream

Paperbark icon


Woodland grey icon

Woodland Grey

Monument color


Black color


Anodised silver color

Anodised Silver

Custom color


Fabric Options

Outdoor blind fabric is available in diverse options; it is vital to choose your fabric carefully, keeping in mind the following:





Light Filtering

Weather Control

Visiontex Plus

Flexibility without compromise


Visiontex Ultra

When privacy counts

Ultra img

Visiontex™ Blinds Fabrics

PVC-coated, high tensile polyester-woven Visiontex™ fabrics are ideal for all outdoor needs. We mainly use Visiontex fabric due to its impressive range of colours and sturdy but soft fall, making the overall visual enjoyable.

Visiontex® - Defining Elegance, Comfort & Durability

Visiontex® provides superior outdoor mesh solutions in Australia, including PVC-coated, high tensile polyester woven, and high-abrasion capabilities. They are manufactured without damaging toxins like lead, mercury and chromium. Visiontex® provides a 10-year warranty and is made to perform.

Types of Outdoor Blinds In Sydney

Your balcony, deck or patio area is an excellent place to spend quality time with your family or to entertain guests. Exterior blinds can enhance your outdoor living area, protect you from sun rays, and offer privacy. You can choose from our diverse outdoor blinds to suit your home or office.

Motorised or Automated Blinds

Motorised or automated blinds are more convenient to use than traditional, manually operated systems like chain and cord control. With a button’s click, you can handily open and close your motorised blinds and adjust privacy and light control to your liking. Besides, you can also program the automated blinds to open and close using timers or Apps on your smartphones and tablets.

Dual System Blind

Dual system blinds offer superb privacy and light control for homes. They are made up of two blinds viz. – one made from Clear PVC material and the other from shade weaves fabric. As per your preference, you can entirely block out light or filter out light as per your comfort, providing you shade options all through the year.



Roll Up & Crank Blinds

Roll up and crank outdoor blinds are available in diverse fabric options, including block out, translucent and sunscreen. Per your liking, choose the most suitable roll-up blinds to shield the outer space of your home in the best possible way. Moreover, these are water-resistant outdoor blinds. If you want a window covering with plain lines that fit the window perfectly without bothering you with the extra fabric, then roll-up and crank blinds are the best option that you can consider for your home’s external requirements.

Outdoor Roller Blinds

Verandah, Pergola or an Alfresco dining spot – Gear, Crank, and Spring-loaded outdoor roller blinds are an excellent option for any entertaining outdoor area. Spring-loaded roller crank blinds can be integrated smoothly into any outdoor area. These outdoor blinds have no ropes or channels and offer a clean finish. Just crank the handle to lower the blinds and lock it into position.



How Outdoor Blinds Can Benefit You


Sun / UV



Anti glare

Anti - Glare

Wind Resistant

Wind Resistant

Insect Resistant

Insect Resistant

Coastal Approved


Benefits of Outdoor Blinds

Here are a few reasons why you should consider adding outdoor blinds to your home!

Best Protection from Outer Elements

Using premium-quality outdoor blinds on your balcony, verandah, pergola, or patio can protect you from outer elements such as sunlight, dust, wind, rain and insects. So durable exterior blinds can help you use your outside living spaces comfortably without any botheration of these external factors. Besides, they can shield your furnishings and make them last longer.

Enhances Privacy

We provide an extensive range of block-out blinds in diverse colours, which looks pleasing and provides enhanced privacy.


Regardless of the style, colour or size you need, we’ll have an outdoor blind to match your requirements. We can match any decor to enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor living area.


Help Increase Space

Using outdoor blinds is a fantastic way to extend space, especially if you have a small house or business place. For instance, you can transform a patio into an entertaining area at your convenience.

Help Reduce Your Electricity Bills

Outdoor blinds can keep the interiors cool during summer by reflecting the sun’s heat when it’s too hot outside and retain warmth in your home during winter. By using external blinds all around the year, you can lower your electricity intake substantially by around 33% to 43%.

Keep the Flies, Mosquitoes & Bugs Away

Entertaining your guests can get tricky when flies and mosquitoes come to your party uninvited. External blinds safeguard you from insects and other little creatures.


Easy to Use

As per your preference, you can choose either manual or motorised operation, easy to use, and help maintain your connectivity with the outer atmosphere.

Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal

Outdoor blinds are available in diverse styles and shade options to match the ambience of your place. Besides, they can effortlessly bring the exteriors inside, helping you to enjoy nature and beautiful weather within the comforts of your home.

Shielding your Furnishings

By protecting your outdoor area from harsh elements, your outdoor blinds will shield your furnishings from damage, fading and general deterioration.


Custom Made Outdoor Blinds & Awnings in Sydney

Custom-made outdoor blinds & awningscan revive the inside and outside space, helping you to unwind and enjoy in all weather conditions. NextGen Living provides custom external blinds and awnings in diverse designs, styles, materials and colour shades. Our skilled craftsmen can custom-make outdoor blinds and outdoor awnings to fit the exact specifications of your windows, verandah or patio space.

If you want a free measure and quote for custom outdoor blinds in Sydney, near you, then get in touch with NextGen Living at 0459 964 629, and one of our experts and friendly teams will be happy to guide you.


Outdoor Blinds for Balconies, Bistros, Patios & Cafes

The waterproof protective outdoor blind products we supply and install are designed explicitly for alfresco entertaining areas, including balconies, verandahs, patios and outdoor pergolas. We have the choicest range of external screening solutions for outdoor areas and windows of any size. Regardless of the outdoor space, you want to shade, our exterior outdoor blind options roll up easily to suit any occasion. Outdoor blinds help maintain privacy and protect you from the wind, rain, sun’s rays and insects all year round. Furthermore, our skilled team has formulated unique custom techniques, a feature perfect for all home and office windows.


Why Should You Choose Nextgen Living for Outdoor Blind Shades?

  • Superior quality at the best prices in Sydney.
  • Prompt outdoor blind installation.
  • 100% Australian-made outdoor blinds.
  • Reliable customer service.
  • A 5-year guarantee on exterior blinds.
  • A wide range of blind types and style selections.
  • Professional and expert installer team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Outdoor Blinds Waterproof?

External blinds are mainly designed for weatherproofing and sun control. Outdoor blinds are waterproof as long as the user conditions are followed. Please do contact us for more details.

How Much Will Outdoor Blinds Cost?

Certain factors affect the cost of custom outdoor blinds in Sydney, including the type of material used, the size of the opening that needs to be covered, and whether they are motorised or operated manually. Contact us at NextGen Living if you need a free in-home measure and quote based on your requirements.

Can Outdoor Blinds Keep Mosquitoes Away?

The holes in our mesh are tiny and provide excellent protection against insects, including pesky mosquitoes; however, it also depends on your selected material. If you need the best bug protection, particularly from sand flies and midges, you should select all-solid, non-mesh fabrics, which will keep all insect types out, including flies.

Is It Possible To Use Outdoor Blinds In High Wind Areas?

You must install high-quality outdoor blinds if you live in areas vulnerable to high winds or coastal areas. We recommend retracting outdoor blinds in heavy winds, and in high-quality blind material, there is less chance of tears or stretching when compared to its inexpensive equivalent.

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