Ziptrak® Blinds Sydney

Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds in Sydney

Transform your outdoor living spaces with classy and functional Ziptrak® outdoor blinds in Sydney. Ziptrak® blinds protect against heat, winds, sun’s UV rays and cold weather facilitating you to enjoy the Australian outdoors throughout the year. It can get taxing to operate blinds, but with Ziptrak® track-guided blind system, you can operate effortlessly.

NextGen Living supplies and installs Ziptrak® blinds with a remote-control operation for Sydney homeowners and businesses, which adds an extra layer of convenience and sophistication. Ziptrak® blinds open and close in seconds, and you can stop and set it in any intermediate position you wish. The blind can be secured and locked in a ‘down position’ to protect against high winds and UV without zippers or buckles – it’s that easy!

Visiontex® - Defining Elegance, Comfort & Durability

Visiontex® provides superior outdoor mesh solutions in Australia, including PVC-coated, high tensile polyester woven, and high-abrasion capabilities. They are manufactured without damaging toxins like lead, mercury and chromium. Visiontex® provides a 10-year warranty and is made to perform.

NextGen Living provides Ziptrak® blinds in privacy and sunscreen fabrics, and you can select standard spring operation or motorised upon request.

Custom Ziptrak® Blind Solutions

Custom Ziptrak® Blind Solutions

NextGen Living provides custom Ziptrak® blind solutions and can supply an extensive range of materials and sizes to suit your needs.

  • Custom sizes are available to fit any home or business.
  • Clear or tinted PVC.
  • Mesh shade weave or privacy mesh.
  • Spring operated or motorised.

Ziptrak® Blind Features

  • Easy to use without hassles.
  • Easy to set in any position you wish.
  • No ropes, zippers, pulleys or winding.
  • No straps or buckles.
  • No flapping.
  • No gaps on either side.
  • The motorised option is available.
  • They are covered by a 5-year warranty for peace of mind.
Mesh or PVC Ziptrak® Blind System

Mesh or PVC Ziptrak® Blind System

Ziptrak® blind system with PVC or Mesh skins protects you, your furniture and your patio from insects, glare, wind and rain. These Ziptrak® blind systems help you to enjoy a pleasant climate while shielding you from unpleasant weather. Every blind is tailored to your preferences – measured, cut and mounted.

NextGen Living offers mesh or PVC in different styles, features, sizes and colours to suit your existing space. So your options are limitless to expand your outdoor space. Ziptrak® blinds are modest and sleek, providing the ultimate practicality and striking a balance with your interiors.

PVC Ziptrak® Blind System

PVC Ziptrak® Blind System

NextGen Living provides PVC Ziptrak® blind system for clear views. Many home and business owners choose tinted and clear PVC for its clear views. Ziptrak® blinds systems use only superior quality Japanese PVC.

Features of PVC Material:

  • The surface is wind & rainproof.
  • PVC won’t fade or change colour.
  • Superior quality PVC provides unobstructed views.
  • Ideal for providing warmth inside.
Durable & Robust Sunscreen Mesh Ziptrak® Blind System

Durable & Robust Sunscreen Mesh Ziptrak® Blind System

NextGen Living provides Ziptrak® outdoor blind system in various sunscreen fabrics, which includes woven mesh. The weave density and weight of the mesh will determine the UV protection and transparency level.

Features of Mesh Material:

  • Mesh Ziptrak® Blind System provides 70 to 99% protection from UV, sun, wind and rain.
  • It curtails the transmission of heat.
  • In all likelihood, it will lower your cooling needs.
  • It upholds the view yet offers privacy.

Pelmets & Brackets

A pelmet covers and shields the system from different climatic conditions and outside elements, ensuring your blinds look sleek and function efficiently for years to come. Pelmets are best for blinds that are mounted outside of the system.

NextGen Living offers four options to mount your Ziptrak® system:

  1. Streamline Pelmet (with insect control)
  2. Traditional Pelmet
  3. Bracket with Back Flashing
  4. Bracket (the open bracket that leaves the retracted blind visible)

It is only prudent to use a pelmet of your choice to safeguard your investment.

Features of Pelmets & Brackets:

  • Ideal for coastal areas
  • Robust covers – thicker by 60%
  • Aluminium build & rust-free
  • Insect control system with single or twin brush
  • Modest design & seamless appearance

Hardware Colour Options

  • White

  • Black

  • Paperbark

  • Classic Cream

  • Monument

  • Woodland Grey

Bottom Bar Safeguard

A weather strip mounted to the bottom of the outdoor blind renders extra safeguard from the external components. So dust, leaves, insects and water are less prone to enter the area while averting possible damage to the surface where blinds rest.

NextGen Living offers bottom bar safeguard in three variants:

Ziptrak® standard and large weather strips are made to align uneven surfaces while shielding from the outside components and shutting the gaps efficiently. Both weather strips are UV resistant for ultimate performance in unpleasant weather conditions. At NextGen Living, we also provide a custom-made skirt, referred to as a valance, ideal for sharply sloping surfaces.

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