Types of Outdoor Blinds: Which One Is Right for Your Home?

Types of outdoor blinds What’s Best for Your Home

Australia enjoys splendid weather all year round; that’s why many Aussie homeowners love to build outdoor living spaces, such as terraces, patios or verandahs, on their property. But the harsh winds, blazing sun, heavy rains and privacy issues may make it hard for you to relax on your balcony or patio. Here, outdoor blinds offer diverse options from which you can select. To make things simpler, we at NextGen Living have decided to inform you about the different types of outdoor blinds that you can install in your outdoor area to make the area functional and visually appealing. 

Here, we’ll list and briefly explain highly sought-after types of outdoor blinds, each with its unique advantages and how you can use them in different situations. You’ll often notice them in Sydney homes, storefronts, offices, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

1. Outdoor Roller Blinds

Gear and crank-operated or spring-loaded outdoor roller blinds are a brilliant option for any entertaining outdoor area, be it a pergola, verandah or alfresco dining place. Spring-loaded roller crank blinds can be integrated smoothly into any outdoor space. Outdoor roller blinds offer a seamless finish, as you’ll not see any ropes or channels. You have to crank the handle to lower the blinds, and you can lock it into position.

2. Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are highly sought-after window blinds that you can also use outdoors. They are built as horizontal slats that you can rotate to control the amount of light and privacy entering the room. Venetian blinds can be built using diverse materials, such as plastic, wood or metal. You will also get them in different styles and colours to suit your needs. If you want to have some privacy while still enjoying the view from your outdoor area, consider installing Venetian outdoor blinds. Furthermore, they need very little maintenance and are effortless to clean.

3. Ziplock Outdoor Blinds

Ziplock outdoor blind is the perfect blind choice for controlling sunlight and protecting you from tiny bugs and animals. It will form a closed-tension screen to block wind and keep the insects out. You can adjust it to set any length, and it does not need cords, cranks or a motor, so maintaining them is easy. Ziplock outdoor blinds look visually appealing too.

4. PVC Cafe Blinds

PVC cafe blinds are perfect if you require a good view of the outside area. It is excellent if your patio faces an elegant garden area. Weather in Sydney can get intolerant, especially in the summer, so PVC cafe blinds are ideal for protecting it. Made from PVC plastic, they are very durable and look elegant. And they provide SPF 20+ protection, which is reasonable, considering the harsh summer conditions in Sydney.

5. Track Blinds

Track blinds are a fantastic choice for those who want a formal yet refined look for their windows. They are ideal for indoor rooms, but some want to use them outdoors on their deck or patio. Zipscreen blinds curtail UV rays, safeguarding your skin and your outdoor furniture. Track blinds can reflect over half of the heat entering the room, creating the perfect outdoor space to escape blazing summer temperatures. Furthermore, it will protect you during the colder months helping you to entertain comfortably as custom-made Zipscreen blinds will keep the heavy winds and rain out. At NextGen Living, we supply the track blinds range of the choicest brands in Sydney, including Ziptrak blindsZipscreen, Urban Track and eZip outdoor blinds.

6. Outdoor Blinds with Cords

Corded outdoor blinds are the oldest type available in the market, and you might have seen it already somewhere. The mechanism of the outdoor blind is identical to outdoor roller blinds – you can lower or pull up the blinds with a cord.

7. Automated or Motorised Blinds

Automated or motorised outdoor blinds are easy to operate and convenient for hard-to-reach places and sizeable blinds. Motorised blinds will allow you to control the amount of light in a room with just a press of a button. A silent motor installed in these blinds provides the maximum convenience to control these blinds electronically.

What to Consider When Selecting the Right Outdoor Blinds?

We have listed here vital considerations that will help you to choose the right outdoor blinds:

  • Usage: You must consider the use case of the product you’re buying.
  • Functionality: Look for highly-functional outdoor blinds that are easy to operate. 
  • Material: You should consider the material you like for your outdoor blinds.
  • Design: It is recommended to match your blinds and shades with the overall decor of your home.
  • Quality: Ensure buying high-quality products that are made to last and tested for weather resistance.
  • Budget: You can consider different budgets per your need.
  • Climate: Outdoor blinds have the extra challenge of withstanding the elements daily.

Which Blind and Window Covering Is Perfect for Your Home?

Functionality, personal preferences, and budget are crucial in selecting the right window covering and outdoor blinds for your home. PVC blinds provide a clear view of your outdoors, while outdoor blinds provide more light customisation and control; select track blinds for blocking out the sun’s heat and glare for extra UV protection. And if privacy is high on your list and a little light filtering is fine, select an exterior blackout roller blind

If you require help selecting the right outdoor blinds in Sydney for your home, call NextGen Living at 0459 964 629, and our experienced and friendly team will guide you.

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